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When Shelby and Lance’s plans to make everyone think they are dating for her sister’s wedding to make her mother happy go awry, they need Logan’s help to pull it off, Logan will discover there is one Beasley he would not mind getting to know a lot better. But will Shelby feel the same way?
A psychological ghost story: Haunting memories lurk in the shadows of this mysterious walk from the past.

When Dr. Marc St. Clair inherits his eccentric aunt Miriam’s old Victorian house at Calico Acres, in southwestern Wisconsin, her Last Will and Testament states that he and his invalid wife, Summer, must live there for one year before they can own it.

 The magical adventure continues after Luke Callindor and his friends recover from their battles in Haven. 

It is another action-packed, character driven story that will reveal one of our heroes has been lied to for their entire life.

 Luke is an ordinary young boy, or so he thinks, living with his uncle and cousin after the death of his parents shortly after his birth. Little does Luke know, he is about to embark on a life changing journey to his grandfathers’ house for the summer. 
Upon his arrival at his grandfathers’ estate he learns the world he lives in and what he is, is not what it appears to be. Luke finds himself fighting for his life with a team of supernatural kids his age against a powerful dark wizard and all his minions. 
Filled with demons, faeries, vampires, werewolves and more, this novel will put Luke through a gauntlet of trouble and turmoil, leading up to a final climatic battle.
The Northern California town of Big Beaver has become a haven for Bigfoot, alien sightings and is home to The Phantom Bigfoot Bather. It's a town full of lovable misfits and crazies in search of the illusive Bigfoot and a forest full of Bigfoot girls who just wanna have fun.
Vampires, Aaron Pilan & his master Michelle, live by one rule-no bloodslaves-EVER. Aaron breaks that rule when he meets Anastasia. All Ana wants is to be loved, but the predatory men she’s attracted to bring her only pain & abuse. At last Ana finds happiness as a bloodslave, a 'pet' to the vampires. This story is bold & evocative infusing blood, sex, love, drugs, & turmoil in an urban drama.    
Swords will clash and spells will fly in the newest adventure of young warrior Luke Callindor, Nyx the magic-flinging caster, and their friends.

With Sari captured by their enemies, the champions of Windemere are determined to get her back and destroy the Lich’s castle. Little do they realize, their battles in the Caster Swamp are only the beginning of this adventure. Trinity and her Chaos Elves have invaded the city of Gaia in search of a relic called the Compass Key. Rumored to be the key to rescuing Sari from a magical island, our heroes are in a race to find the mysterious artifact.
Private Investigator Leah Ryan is on a much needed vacation. A week in Bass Bay, Maine. Nothing but sun, sand and relaxation. No missing people. No murder. No stress.

But an hour into her vacation, Leah almost swims into a dead girl.
Shelby Beasley and Logan Chandler have known each other for more than 20 years; after all Shelby’s best friend Lance is Logan’s twin brother. After years of misunderstandings Shelby and Logan have discovered that they have a hot, heavy and explosive, attraction to each other.

‘All stories need a hero. Sadly, I’m no hero. Now in my mid-thirties, I have a string of failed romances behind me, matched only by a series of poor financial investments. I’ve been in the same rented flat in East London for nearly ten years. I drink too much, smoke too much and I like a flutter on the horses….

Six-year-old Nemo is street-savvy beyond his years, relying on instincts to stay safe and cunning to find food and clothes. But curiosity gets the best of him when he finds a tunnel in the sub-basement of an abandoned building. His mother warns him to stay away. It could be dangerous and he might get lost. One day he ventures too far and finds where it leads. Nemo wishes he had listened to his mother.

Raymond was feeling on top of the world, he was on his way to the airport to catch a flight back to his home on the island of Martinique. He had been gone for a little over five years now, and couldn’t wait to be around family again. He had a good life in Paris but Martinique would always be home. No matter where he went, it always felt good to return to the island.

Christine’s been without a man for far too long, so she lets her BFF Jasmine talk her into speed-dating. Unfortunately, far too many of her dates are romantic non-starters — in the worst way. But all it takes is one… and when the right man comes along, he’s Sinfully Delicious.

Daniel lived in the town of Boone, North Carolina, high in the Appalachian Mountains. He lived a simple life as a lumber mill worker by day, but hid a deadly secret from those around him. At night Daniel prowled the woods and hunted the animals and residents of the small mountain town.

Over 150 years earlier he betrayed his former master, Makareus, when he had an affair with his wife. Makareus began the chase for Daniel after the affair and chases him to this very day.
Shelby Beasley has lost her child with the only man she ever loved. She had narrowly escaped with her life. Can this Southern Belle recover from her pain and family secrets to give her passion with Logan Chandler a chance? 
…after the death of her parents, the loss of her home and her fiancé’s betrayal, Bronte wasn’t looking for love…but when a charismatic Italian enters her life, will she be able to resist sweet temptation? Or is the pastry chef about to get burned....
Ce-Ce and Farai are assigned by the wife of a wealthy businessman to protect him from a possible attempt on his life by an extortionist. Despite their efforts, he is brutally murdered in one of his homes and they have to find his killer.
Athine has always been told that she is to be the protector of the lands. She has trained for years to be this protector and possible future ruler, but Athine has no desire to be ruler of a conquered land. She wants only to have her own adventures. She gets her wish when she is tested in the A'samrad and finds out that she has the power to kill other immortals. She also discovers there is a prophecy about her destroying the world with her powerful magic, but is that prophecy true or being manipulated by someone else?
Pomba Gira Mysticism. Creole Voodoo. The zombie apocalypse. Sex, drugs, magick.
Paranormal erotica.
Meet Pierre von Minzle and Mary Moore. They are the Adam and Lilith, definitely not Adam and Eve, of today's zombie apocalypse. Fables of the Reconstruction is a playful yet graphic sexual adventure consisting of what might have been, combined with what possibly might be happening now.

“It’s a cross between Lord of the Rings and the Wizard of OZ where you will be swept away into a magical land of Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings.”